A Fall Sunday Morning!

My alarm went off and I hit the snooze button to get those ‘five more minutes’ of sleep. The room was cold but my comforter kept me, well, comforted and warm. I did not like the thought of getting out of the coziness on a Sunday morning but I reminded myself of the fun plan we made for ourselves ahead.

I turned on the coffee machine and waited for the aroma to fill up the kitchen and truly wake me up. Mr.P and I got ready with a light jacket which was all that we needed on this perfect day. We drove on empty roads which was covered in a thin layer of fog and we could already see some trees changed to flaming red color. Let’s talk about Fall/Autumn shall we? This is my favorite time of the year, as I’m sure is for many! The cool weather, crispness in the air, colors changing, walking over fallen crunchy leaves and of course sweaters, scarves, warm scented candles and books! There’s also the warm toasty drinks, holidays right around the corner and some cozy TV shows to catch up or re-watch (hint: Gilmore Girls)

We drove through Hobbs State Park and reached War Eagle Mill only to see that there were a lot more folks who came in way early than we did. It was the fall crafts fair weekend which made this visit even better. There were a large number of vendors showing their creativity ranging from vintage finds to self made products-decor, food items, candles, soaps etc. We spent a good amount of time strolling through each stall and finally headed into the mill to see it’s ‘belly’ in the working and to grab a quick bite to eat , not to forget, purchase their flour (We purchased their corn bread flour, I’ve tried their all all-purpose flour too in the past which is pretty good). We got out of the mill and walked over the historic bridge enjoying the serene Beaver lake beneath us and just breathing in fresh air that we all fail to get daily. We walked over to the other side only to find a hundred more crafts and food stalls!! I think this was the biggest craft fair I’ve been to in Northwest Arkansas. We were truly tempted and purchased a jar of Dead Sea scrub that smells oh-so-heavenly! The family selling this scrub make it in their own garage with so many scent options and it’s not just scrub, they make bath bombs too (I might be forgetting a few other products) I also purchased two vintage pendants -one for me(duh…) and my dear friend who will be visiting us very soon. Walking back, we had a fantastic view of the bridge, the mill and their water turbine that powered the mill along the lake, It felt so perfectly rustic and screamed fall 🙂

To think that we used the most natural renewable resources back in the day and how we’ve moved backwards by over-consuming and misusing what nature provides us is beyond my understanding. I only wish our next generations get to experience what we did and it can only happen if we protect this planet with all our force.

All in all, it was a perfect fall outing and we returned home with a fresh mind, ready to tackle the next week!

P.S As I sit in my backyard writing this blog post I see my plants and vegetable patch wilting and in their last days, but I can only think ‘This too shall pass’ because I remember how spring arrives with full gust and all plants and trees get ready to show their beauty once again.

Happy Fall Y’all!!