A Month of Gratitude Journaling

While scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, I stumbled upon this ad about a gratitude journal. I went to their page and I really liked the quotes that they share everyday and I also liked the simplicity of their journal. So, I went ahead and ordered it! Everyday, I fill in a page with very specific prompts that help me focus on exactly where I need to put my energy in at the moment. It does not take a lot of time from my day, but the 10 minutes I dedicate to it in has been truly useful so far. Of course, there have been certain days where I missed an entry in the journal, but because the pages are not dated, I don’t waste any page and I can pick right back up on the day I write in it again.

What am I benefiting from this so far? Over the month, the journal has helped me start with feeling gratitude towards something/someone I choose to write about, set the intention and mindset for the day and it doesn’t just end there. At night, I fill in more prompts to close out the day which helps me recollect good memories and observe what I can do better the next day. Just a word, a phrase, a sentence or two is more than enough for every prompt and it totally depends on each day for me.

Do you journal? If so, what kind of journaling are you into? On certain days I just write what my heart tells me to in a notebook, certain days I pull out my planner and my to-do list becomes my journal and most days it’s this gratitude journal. I hope to continue this through the year to reap maximum benefits and I might revisit this topic to understand what changes journaling has brought in me.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a great day, week, month, year ahead!


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