A Wrap on 2019 and Hopes for 2020

Looking back, I think of 2019 being uneventful yet pretty impactful for me. There have been a lot of joyful moments and some not very, yet moments to remember they surely were (I went a bit Yoda there).

I read a good number of books, but not as much as I was planning to. However, I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them and I hope to share my quick thoughts on them.

I made new friends, got even more closer with some friends and family, said goodbye to friends who were shifting to a new place, laughed quite a bit and cried even more.

I worked hard on myself while my mind was trying to work against it. I questioned my belief while trying to hold on to it.

I took a lot of measures to have a sustainable lifestyle and I only hope to be more aggressive about it. Folks, we don’t have the luxury to make any more mistakes and I urge everyone to start making changes one step at a time.

I started discovering spirituality and I have just dipped my toes into it and there’s so much more I would like to understand in the near future.  

All in all, I stepped into 2020 with lots of hopes, dreams, faith and patience. Isn’t that all one needs to wake up every day with excitement? I surely hope so 🙂

My focus for 2020:

  1. Improving my physical health- This is always my number one priority for every year, and it will not change 🙂 I would like to share a little more on why it’s even more important this year for me, document my journey, to know and let others know that we are not alone in any aspects of our lives.
  2. Improving my mental health- This has taken the number one spot as well because, wholesome wellness is very much important and having gone through a lot of hurt and pain this year I know the only way now is to go up the ladder.
  3. Read more books- This is also a usual yearly goal for me and I hope to continue focusing on this beautiful hobby which has turned into a necessity! I am excited with the books I already have in my list and I cannot wait to read and share my thoughts on them.
  4. Create more art- I’ve always been interested in some form of art and I definitely want to pour my heart into it as it helps with my goal #2 🙂
  5. Spiritual journey- I am excited to continue on my spiritual journey because I know I will only benefit from it and there is absolutely nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.  

I know I will have a lot more to add every day goes by, but it will all revolve around these main aspects of 2020 and further years. While it’s cliché to set goals in the beginning of a year, it is also completely okay to go with this flow, because it’s not just you, but the whole world is in the same momentum as you and we will only benefit from this united positivity.  

Hope you are having a great start to 2020 and if you are reading this post, thank you very much for taking the time and please do share your thoughts and dreams for this new decade!


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