Grateful: Music For Every Mood

Today I want to share my love for music. My current favorite on repeat is ‘Memories’ by Maroon 5. It’s a sad yet sweet song and it tugged at my heart the first time I heard it. The more I listen to it (which is like a million times per day) the more memories it truly evokes in me. It makes me cry and smile at the time. I get reminded of the times when things weren’t great but how it was always followed by something memorable and unforgettable.

“… Everything gon’ be alright…

Music has so much power and magic to transport you to a place that you can visualize so clearly! You want to be motivated to work out, there’s a song for you. You want to feel positive in a difficult situation, there’s one for you. You are in love, well, of course, there’s always that one song you listen to. You want some music to relax, meditate or concentrate at work? You know my answer. You feel all the emotions you truly want to and there’s no escaping it.

Before social media and smart phones took over this world, I would take time out to lie down to listen to my favorite music and do nothing else. I would just get immersed into the songs and let it take over my mind. I would take the effort of downloading them in my music player(remember those devices?) and it would never leave my side. Wherever I would go, it went along with me.

I still remember so many song lyrics from early 2000s’ and even from the 90s’. Ask me now how many current songs I remember in entirety, there would be very few. There are so many distractions these days, that, I would feel restless to just sit and listen to music. My brain is wired to immediately check my phone and multi task mindlessly. I would rather be watching some YouTube video or scrolling through Instagram while waiting in a clinic. Isn’t it sad how distracted and less focused we are these days? (I know I am)

I just want to thank all artists over the centuries who have dedicated their heart and soul in this magical talent and we get to experience their artwork whenever we want to at the tip of our fingers. I am going to take every effort to mindfully listen to the songs that I love and truly appreciate being in the moment.

What is your current ‘On Repeat’ song? Do you know the complete lyrics? What emotions does it evoke in you? I would love to hear from anyone who has read this post! (And I thank you for taking the time to do so!)


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